About us

LLC "COWOW Systems" (Republic of Belarus, Minsk) is a subsidiary of LLC "Spectral-dynamic Systems" (Russian Federation, Moscow), which develops and manufactures the newest high-tech equipment and improves the efficiency of diagnosis and monitoring of diseases.

Our innovative FSD-diagnostics systems are proprietary and have no direct substitutes in the world.Due to portability of the equipment and a simple and quick examination procedure with high diagnostic precision, the systems can be used in medicine, sports, military and civil fields, animal breeding and poultry keeping.

Company is located on the basis of the "MOSMEDPARK" medical industry park (Pechatniki district, Moscow).


  • Development and production of KMSD / VOLAT medical hardware and software suite
  • Development and production of an automatic sensory diagnostic and risk monitoring system for subclinical mastitis KOROVSKI
  • Development and production of sea air generator AEROVITALIS


  • "VOLAT" telemedicine system for FSD-diagnostics of common diseases
  • Non-contact sensor system diagnostics of Salmonella bacteria in poultry products
  • System for automatic sensory diagnostics of dangerous conditions of vehicle operators
  • Direct non-invasive measurement and monitoring of cerebral/somatic oxygenationpeople and animals, content of reactive oxygen species